It's time to move your legal practice online.

LegalSoftOnline gives you everything you need to future-proof your legal practice and get things done your way.

The complete solution.

With LegalSoftOnline, we set out to design the complete solution for small- to medium-sized legal practices — something that's easy-to-use, comprehensive, and ready for the future ahead.

Everything in one place.

From tracking that first lead to handling matters and sending that final invoice, LegalSoftOnline keeps everything in one place, and everything works seamlessly together.

Tailor to your practice.

No two practices are the same. We believe the person who knows your company best is you. That's why we give you the option of customizing almost anything you see, so that you can tailor the workflow to match your practice perfectly.

Available from anywhere.

Whether you're working on-site with a client, at home or in the office, your files are available and waiting for you. LegalSoftOnline lives on the web, which means there's no software to install and everyone has access to the information they need, no matter where they are.

Want to see how LegalSoftOnline can work for your business? Let us get in touch with you.